We have been doing organic farming since 2010. Most of the land is grassy. Grassing favors the deep rooting of the vine, the biodiversity and the life of the soil. Biodiversity plays an important role in plant nutrition in the way it resists climatic or biological aggression. The term, resilience, is increasingly used.


Given this, the idea of protection of the vines takes a whole new approach.


Each gesture done to the vineyard affects the protection of the vines; a poorly done pruning, a severe écrimage, a fertilizer that is too rich or a soil too bare, all can modify the plant’s protection.


Think before acting. Put in place the conditions which will remove the need to intervene.


The most effective and economical treatment is the one you don’t have to use.


On the other hand, if there are extreme weather conditions, sulfur and copper will be used without delay. It is another advantage of grassing.